Swiss Medtech Day 2017

13. Juni 2017

Kursaal Bern
Kornhausstrasse 3
3000 Bern

Swiss Medtech Day 2017

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Swiss Medtech Day - THE Conference of the Swiss Medical Technology Industry

Be a part of the biggest happening of the Swiss medical technology sector! The conference offers you a rich programme with lectures, presentations, a science slam and the big award ceremony with Federal Councillor Johann N. Schneider-Ammann.

At the core of the conference, there are five breakout sessions tackling red-hot topics of the industry. Choose two of these sessions according to your main interests and involve yourself in the discussions.

There is enough time between the single events for you to visit the poster and table exhibitions and for individual discussions. Time well spent among the 600 participants!


09:00 Registration; Poster Session & Tabletop Exhibition
09:30 Welcome
Walter Steinlin, President CTI
PD Dr. Rubino Mordasini, President Medical Cluster
National Councillor Urs Gasche, President FASMED
09:45 The Swiss Medtech Industry from a European perspective
Serge Bernasconi, CEO MedTech Europe
10:15 CTI Swiss Medtech Award 2017 - Presentation Nominees
10:45 Break; Poster Session & Tabletop Exhibition
11:30 Breakout Sessions - round 1
12:30 Lunch, Poster Session & Tabletop Exhibition
14:00 Science Slam
Presentation of selected projects and live voting winner
14:45 Breakout Sessions - round 2
15:45 Break; Poster Session & Tabletop Exhibition
16:15 Thoughts on bridging the funding gap
Erik Amble, Chairman of NeoMed Management
16:45 CTI Swiss Medtech Award 2017 - Award Ceremony
Federal Councillor Johann N. Schneider-Ammann
17:00 End of Swiss Medtech Day 2017

Breakout Sessions

Breakout Session 1: Current Research Trends in Medical Technology and Biomaterials
In this session, leading international experts will report on recent trends and developments in academic research with clear potential to significantly influence patient care in the not too distant future. The talks will concentrate on the potential offered by nanotechnology, innovative processes and novel biomaterials to create new treatment approaches with increasing therapeutic efficiency, specificity and precision, while at the same time reducing invasiveness.

Breakout Session 2: Health Technology Assessments - A New Reality for Innovation only?
Health Technology Assessments are an unstoppable trend in assessing the benefits of medical technology. Given the rising costs of healthcare this instrument will be used more and more. Producers can save a lot of time and money if they implement a coherent strategy for gathering the data they will need later already in the development phase. The breakout session offers participants an introduction to the field, to current HTA processes in Switzerland, to the demands of clinical planning and in insight into global trends. The session will be rounded off with a podium discussion on the topic.

Breakout Session 3: Success through Partnerships
When we think of partnerships, we tend to think of large-scale cooperations with a strong media impact, or joint ventures between businesses. But in the Swiss medtech sector, dominated by SMEs, other forms of cooperation are more suited. The breakout session is rounded off with an overview of possible forms of partnership and a few actual examples. A joint approach should help potential partners achieve more innovation and stronger growth. In light of the upcoming changes through the digitalisation of traditional business models, having a strong companion is one of mastering future challenges.

Breakout Session 4: How Digitalisation Drives Change in the Medtech Industry
The fourth industrial revolution is already under way. And yet many businesses are still asking themselves if it is something that affects them. The fact is that it has long since ceased to be enough to produce good products. Value chains and business models are subject to a fundamental change. Opportunities and risks must be weighed up. Each business must ask itself what added value it can offer its customers in future with the help of digital business models.

Breakout Session 5: Intellectual Property & Market Protection
The protection of intellectual property and brands in the field of medical technology is generally experiencing a period of great change from a legal perspective and in a political context. It is becoming increasingly challenging and costly for small and large medtech firms alike to enforce their patents for research, development and products. As a result it is worth considering when to keep know-how as an in-house asset and trade secret.

Registration fees
Standard entrance fee CHF 480
MC, FASMED and SSBE or SSB members CHF 320
Start-ups (less than three years old) CHF 150
Students & PhD students CHF 150
Tabletop exhibitors (incl. one free admission) CHF 1'800
CTI project owners and poster session participants CHF 0

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Beginnt um 13.06.2017 - 09:00 Uhr
Endet um 13.06.2017 - 17:00 Uhr
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Kursaal Bern
Kornhausstrasse 3
3000 Bern